K–12th Grade Now Enrolling
for the 2020-2021 School Year

We are a K–12 Christian school committed to excellence in scholastic success and leadership development.

Principal Amanda Crouch

Ascent Christian Academy is a K–12th grade private school that is committed to the scholastic, spiritual, and holistic development of your kids. Our program is centered around the desire to best prepare every individual student to fulfill their unique, God-given purpose.

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Our Mission

Ascent Christian Academy educates with excellence while leading students to an enthusiastic commitment to Christ that inspires them to impact their world in powerful ways.

Our Vision

Students at Ascent Christian Academy are challenged to become leaders who achieve academic excellence as they effectively prepare to use their skills,  gifts, and abilities to follow God’s purpose for their lives.

Our Location

701 Main Street, North Myrtle Beach, SC, 29582


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We are are a member of the South Carolina Independent School Association,
and are in the process of becoming accredited through SCISA.

What ACA offers your child:

ACA Offers the following, and much more!

  • Christian centered teaching and values
  • Family atmosphere
  • Project based learning
  • Creativity and fun
  • Physical Education
  • Academic excellence
  • Parent days
  • Clubs
  • Drama
  • Hands on learning

A History of Commitment

ACA may be new on the block, but our passion for the holistic, personal, and progressive development of kids runs deep within our leadership team. Our core team leaders are those who spearhead and support the highly successful Kids World programs at Barefoot Church. We are proud of seeing kids’ lives transformed by Jesus by sharing the Good News in creative, relevant, and memorable ways every weekend. With that as our foundation, we have also helped leaders develop, across multiple generations, to walk in their purpose. This is what we’re all about! And as God expands our reach, we are so excited to bring that passion, dedication, and leadership into the setting of a K– 12th grade private school.

Tuition Fees

Before & After School Care


Students wear ACA shirts Monday–Thursday. Fridays are dress-down days.

Exceptional Needs Program

Ascent Christian Academy offers a special education program for students with learning disabilities.

We offer full inclusion settings as well as 1:1 teacher settings.

We work with children who have Developmental Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and tailor a program that meets their specific educational needs. We know that every child is unique and learns differently so we ensure that children feel accepted, loved and valued. We also allow agencies on-site to provide speech, OT, behavioral and other therapies, as approved.

Educational support and enrichment for homeschools.

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