Ascent Bible and Leadership College in partnership with LLEM provides a holistic development model for our International students. Participation in ABLC International Studies equips students through courses in Apologetics, Bible, Prayer, Stewardship, Theology, and Leadership.

Life-Long Return

We create an environment not only for ministry purposes but for personal and spiritual growth.

Degrees and Certificates

We offer an International Associate degree in Christian Studies and an International Certificate program.

Vision and Mission

The mission of ABLC is for students to discover and live out their God-designed purpose and potential. We desire that you become a fully devoted follower of Christ who makes Christ know throughout the earth and help others discover their God-designed purpose and potential. We aim to intentionally advance individuals to live a life of significance on purpose for God.

Important Info

  • Course fees must be paid in full prior to taking an individual course.
  • Non-Degree seeking students may choose any course as it is listed in the Course Schedule.
  • Non-Degree students are expected to follow all regulations laid out in the Course Schedule and adhere to the instructor’s instructions for each course.
  • Admission to the Non-Degree Certificate Program does not imply admission to an undergraduate or graduate degree program.
  • Students subsequently admitted to the Non-Degree Certificate Program who wish to later apply for an undergraduate program may have consideration of all coursework, including grades, applied to the undergraduate degree total GPA.

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