Make your summer count.

Ministry is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. As a summer intern you will be part of what God is doing at Barefoot Church. This is a great responsibility which is why we take our intern roles very seriously. An intern will take ownership in ministry, and will have the opportunity to be equipped with leadership skills. Summer internships involve assisting with the tasks of ministry. We expect our interns to work hard and help with every aspect of what we do in each ministry. Interns will be an integral part of summer events and programs and will relied upon in many situations. In addition, the summer interns will be expected to not only assist in the tasks of ministry but to bring others along and empower them to do ministry.

Fill out the application in its entirety and follow these steps before submitting your application.

1. Once your application is complete, check and double-check that it is
completely filled out.
2. You are required to submit one of the following along with your application: a 30-second video or a 500-word essay stating why you want to be a summer intern and what area you are interested in applying to intern.
Be mindful of the application deadline. Late applications may not be
3. Submit to the Life Development Pastor, Ann Black, in person or through email no later than April 26, 2021 –
4. An interview will be set up with you after your application is reviewed and processed.
5. No applications will be accepted without the video. If you have any questions, contact Ann Black / 843.280.1270

Be mindful of the application deadline. Late applications will not be considered.


Our vision is to leverage program participants’ skills, gifts, talents, and abilities to develop their character, calling, and competency as they participate in the mission of Barefoot Church.


We are excited at the possibility to partner with you for this season of your journey. Get fired up to get out, get involved, and through your obedience, see lives changed.

Ministry Teams

Internships are available in the following ministries:

  • Kids/Students Ministry
  • Connections Ministry
  • Next Steps Ministry
  • Production, Technology, Videography
  • Photography and Communications
  • Facilities
  • Kids Summer Camp


Interns will be provided with valuable ministry experience and leadership.Participation will give interns greater presence and responsibility in Barefoot Church ministry. Participation will strengthen an intern’s resume as the pursue college, vocational ministry, and their career.

Code of Conduct

An important goal is for each intern to facilitate growth and development of Christian character and leadership in line with Biblical principles. Interns are looked upon by others as examples of how to live, give, act, serve, respond, and love. It is expected that interns live in a manner that brings honor to God in their behavior and attitudes both in and outside of the church setting. Although these standards may not affect one’s spiritual standing, they do strengthen the life and testimony of the intern, BCSMIP, and Barefoot Church. Therefore, interns are expected to follow codes of conduct that should not be taken legalistically, but as boundaries for protection and integrity while in BCSMIP.

Each intern is expected to:

    • Live a life of integrity and honor of others
    • Attend Unleashed Students on Wednesday nights (6:00 – 8 pm)
    • Perform duties assigned by the various staff leaders with excellence.
    • Be aligned with the mission and values of Barefoot Church.
    • Learn how to lead teams and develop others.
    • Encouraged to be a mentoring relationship or a Life Group.
    • Provide own laptop (if necessary) and means of transportation.


    A united team is vital to the growing ministries of Barefoot Church. Any negativity towards other interns, volunteers, staff, or procedures that is expressed to any individual is especially detrimental. Interns are expected to support the ministries of Barefoot. Issues should always be handled and addressed directly to an appropriate staff person. Gossip will not be tolerated. Negativity is grounds for immediate dismissal from the BCSMIP.  


    Above reproach: So good as to preclude any possibility of criticism. This truth should transform our hearts and produce within us increasing desire to flee from youthful lusts and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, disciplining ourselves for godliness.

    You are expected to conduct yourself in a manner worthy of being called a Christ follower.  Will you mess up? Yes! Will you make mistakes? Yes!  You are human, so that is going to happen. Living above reproach takes thought, time, practice, and prayer.

    You are considered to be a leader and are expected to act like one at all times. Guard your actions and tongue by not allowing yourself to be put in a situation that will cause your integrity or motive to be in question.

    With this in mind, no intern will be allowed to be alone with the opposite gender at any time unless there is another person (13 and over) present with the two parties. This includes activities inside the church and outside the walls as well. We understand this is sometimes extremely difficult but with a little preplanning your integrity will remain intact and without any questions. It can and has been done.

    Social Media

    Posts on your social media outlets should be encouraging and uplifting to the reader. You should not post anything that would be considered offensive by another person on social media outlets including but not limited to: tweets, retweets, likes, status updates, snap chats, vines, hashtags, and comments that could cause someone to stumble. 1 Cor. 10:32 (NIV)

    BCSM will provide the framework and support needed to bring personal growth. If you find that you are genuinely struggling with such issues, we advise that you speak to the BCSM leadership and allow them to bring guidance, counsel, and correction to your situation. Any behavior that violates the intern Code of Conduct will result in disciplinary action and may lead to removal from Barefoot Church School of Ministry Internship Program.

    Can I have a job or attend college while I am in the Internship Program?

    It is possible to have a part-time job while you are an intern. We want interns to be focused on hearing from God and serving in an environment where specialized ministry training can be cultivated. In that case, a full-time job will not be possible to maintain. In order for interns to get the most out of this training experience, we suggest a minimal hour part-time job that does not interfere with the weekends and mid-week experiences that may fall under the ministry team you serve in.

    What are the rules on dating for interns?

    The intern program is designed to create an environment for interns to cultivate extreme growth in their relationship with God. All of the requirements and rules established are to help foster a focused period of time to seek the heart of God in all areas of one’s life. We believe that for interns to make the most out of this time and give themselves fully to God – undistracted, it is a must for them to abstain from entering into a new dating relationship for the duration of their first ten months in the internship program. Potential interns currently in a long-term relationship should set up a meeting with the ABLC leadership prior to applying to seek counsel about the current relationship. Second-year interns are allowed to date, but must still adhere to the specific guidelines above.  

    No intern will be allowed to date a student. A student is defined as someone who has yet to complete the 12th grade of school whether private, public, homeschool, or seeking a GED.  No intern may date another intern unless approved by ABLC leadership.


    Ascent Bible and Leadership College protects the confidentiality of the records of current and former interns school records. This policy is in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERRPA), as amended.